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An advocate of minimalism in life, which unfortunately is possible mostly theoretically in our world of consumerism, I adore simple dishes that do not involve many ingredients. Some of those dishes come from my childhood in Russia, where minimalism was dictated by permanent deficit. Our memory carries on all our life impressions including food, and these simple things we experienced in early years are remembered as good. What could be better than bread and butter and a green onion with coarse salt? You might be surprised, but this is one of my favorites since I remember myself. Mama used to give this  to her starving kids waiting for dinner to be ready. And what would you say about steaming boiled potatoes with dill and butter? It comes from the same land of my past experiences. When I am tired of fancy stuff, I eat my childhood simple food with real pleasure and gratitude.
Red radish salad is one of those dishes. To me, it's mostly a summer salad when radishes are in season, sweet and juicy, without a tinge of bitterness...
In fact, there is no recipe... Just go to your local farmers market, get the prettiest bunch of radishes, wash them well, trim the ends, and dry with paper towels. Enjoy the view :).
Slice in half-moons, not thick, not thin - just right. Mix some sour cream with  salt, then mix it with radishes. Eat right away, while the juice is still holding inside the slices.

That's it. Today's post turned to be in unison with my thoughts about simplifying our lives, getting rid of never used things sitting in our closets, clearing our space of all debris and trash - making it possible to breathe freely, and live simple after all.
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Summary: a easy salad recipe
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