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Recipe Studio is an online family cookbook by a mom & daughter team. In this blog, you’ll find Russian recipes from old notebooks as well as modern culinary experiments. Step-by-step instructions for healthy soups, traditional pies, challenging cakes, quick dinners, and anything else worthy of our family’s recipe box. Happy cooking!

jan 05, 2016
Red Lentil Soup with Ginger
easy healthy quick soup vegetarian
After visiting a newly opened Indian store I was inspired by rows and rows of lentils they have for sale and endless spices where many of them were new to me.  It was incredible to learn and see in one place how many varieties of lentils exist. The quick lentil soup I usually make is not vegetarian (it contains a bouillon cube and bacon that makes it similar to pea soup ).
dec 10, 2015
No-egg Dairy-free Dough for Pirozhki
baking breakfast main course mushrooms Russian traditional vegetarian
Wish me luck! But lack of favorite food makes one invent something new to please the palate and tame the constant hunger and cravings. Today's recipe is strictly vegetarian: there are no eggs or dairy in the dough and the fillings.
aug 18, 2012
Pink Summer Salad
with Gooseberries and Mozarella
healthy salad vegetarian
It's Saturday, it's summer and the sun is shining in Zurich. Because I live alone these days, I hardly ever cook anything interesting (except for parties, when things get too hectic to make pictures). When I do cook, my most favorite thing to cook for just myself is a salad.
apr 03, 2012
Carrot Relish
appetizer vegetarian
There are people who don't like cooked carrots, my beloved husband included. But even he absolutely loves this carrot relish. He loves it so much that he always offers his muscle power to grate carrots which I hate to do myself, just to convince me to cook it.
dec 29, 2011
Tropical Lagoon Soup,
with Seaweed and Mung Beans
Asian healthy soup travel vegetarian
Grocery stores here bear a mark of Japanese influence: dried shiitake mushrooms, wakame seaweed and mung beans are an easy find. Mung beans are tiny dull green beans, almost as small as lentils. Japanese use them to make desserts, but to my mind a bean is a bean and belongs just as well in a soup.
aug 26, 2011
Shiitake and Lentil Pilaf
healthy main course mushrooms vegetarian
Today's recipe is a vegetarian pilaf as satisfying and rich in flavor as mom's Lamb Pilaf. Imagine the aroma of mushrooms and garlic, the rich taste of lentils and the nuttiness of wild rice punctuated by tiny nuggets of spice stored in the green peppercorns. You have to pay for this richness, though, by using every one of the four stovetop burners, because mushrooms, lentils, white rice and wild rice all have to be cooked separately (else, you'll get mush).
aug 06, 2011
Beet Smoothie Soup
easy healthy quick soup vegetarian
This recipe has been brewing in my mind for awhile  - a smoothie and a cold soup in one. The best part - it is almost no-boil, where most of ingredients are fresh vegetables. And the best best part is - the proportions are quite arbitrary, just flow with your desires and you will be good.
jul 24, 2011
Ah... Sangria
alcohol easy international vegetarian
so, I give up and make sangria. There are as many recipes for sangria as there are women in Spain. There is no proper, authentic sangria.
jan 30, 2011
Mushroom Soup Russian Style
mushrooms Russian traditional soup vegetarian
The reward was a few baskets of one of the best mushrooms. We dried them for winter use, mostly for soups. You can also make a soup of fresh porcini, but dried mushrooms acquire a unique scent, and these two soups are quite different in taste and flavor.
dec 06, 2010
Vinegret - Jazzy Holiday Salad
holiday Russian traditional salad vegetarian
3 packed cups of good quality sauerkraut 4  medium (or 6 small) beets, boiled in skins, peeled, cut in 1/2" cubes 2 medium carrots, boiled in skins, peeled, also cut in 1/2" cubes 3 medium pickled cucumbers, diced 2/3 green apple, peeled, and cut in 1/2" cubes 1/4 big red onion, finely diced 2 medium potatoes, boiled in skins, peeled, and cut  in 1/2" cubes 4-5 tbsp sunflower oil (better not refined) Salt to taste Method: Fold cubed beets in 3 tbsps oil and set aside. This will prevent beets to bleed a lot in your salad.   If sauerkraut looks too coarsely cut, shred it a little more with a sharp knife to make finer pieces.
oct 23, 2010
Pickled Mushrooms
appetizer mushrooms Russian traditional vegetarian
During long and frosty winter, boiled potatoes and salted mushrooms with sour cream made a decent supper. During winter holiday season pickled and salted mushrooms could be found in many festive dishes. Emetic Russula In today's recipe I used  Short-stalked White Russula(sukhoy gruzhd') that I pre-soaked in cold water for a few hours,   and some Emetic Russula (syroezhka, the red one ) varieties of wild mushrooms, and the way they are prepared is called hot method  for salted mushrooms (there is also a method to salt raw mushrooms).
sep 30, 2010
Quick Pickled Cucumbers
appetizer easy quick Russian traditional vegetarian
Am I not right?   Quick pickled cucumbers are one of my summer cravings. The smell of freshly pickled cucumbers reminds me of a Siberian village, with roosters diligently crowing at dawn, with cows mooing on their way to pasture, with kind babushkas and their endless hooked rugs.
sep 29, 2010
Classic Beets Salad
easy healthy quick Russian traditional salad vegetarian
Out of the Russian gastronomic stereotypes (apart from cabbage, which is also German, and vodka, which is really quite popular around the globe) beets is one of the most persistent. And yes, we are truly beet-eaters. Beets are a proud ingredient of many traditional Russian dishes.
sep 20, 2010
Savory Zucchini Muffins
baking easy healthy vegetarian
To me however zucchinis and other squashes exist for mainly savory preparations, and combination of zucchini and vanilla make me feel dizzy. Sorry, Martha... OK, now, my zucchini muffins are savory - no sugar, less calories!
sep 08, 2010
appetizer easy quick vegetarian
Those from Europe are a little scornful of those from South America, but both are very friendly and hard working people. They keep bakeries, restaurants, and little shops with Brazilian specialty foods. A few years ago I saw jilo in one of those shops.
aug 28, 2010
Soup with Puff Klezki
healthy quick Russian traditional soup vegetarian
A soup with  klezki,  one of the simplest Russian dishes, must have been handy during the time of empty shelves in the Soviet supermarkets. I barely remember those times, they left in me no bitter sediment, and this soup has left me nothing but warmth. There are other variations on klezki, most notably the German  k ößchen,  but the klezki I know call for nothing but flour, eggs and the broth to make the soup with.
aug 26, 2010
Poor Man's Caprese
appetizer easy healthy international quick salad vegetarian
Most people who've paid a few visits to Italian restaurants know caprese, a traditional Italian salad composed of just 5 ingredients: tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. It is lovely, satisfying, complete, but as a history of restaurant-going has proved, caprese is not the surest item on the menu. It leaves nothing to be desired, when the fresh mozzarella is tender and high-quality, preferably mozzarella di bufala, tomatoes are vine-ripened, and balsamic vinegar is of the authentic artisanal kind.
aug 25, 2010
What Is This?..
easy healthy quick vegetarian
That was a variety that was pink inside and out. Fresh young potatoes are so delicious that could make a perfect dish alone (with chopped greens, onions and butter), so I happilly hurried home and made boiled potatoes with garlic butter (actually the farmer himself recommended this) and steamed fish (please refer to my recipe Fish "On a Pillow" ). There is actually no recipe to this post (everybody can boil potatoes, right?
aug 23, 2010
Squash Pancakes
appetizer breakfast main course vegetarian
I cooked squash pancakes at our friend's dacha (a small country hut) where we had a very romantic weekend. Since then Alex ate squash only in this form (now I can proudly add my recent  Zucchini with Wasabi Cream recipe to the list). The best squash for this recipe is less watery type, like Russian white squash that has light green peel and rather dense pulp.
aug 16, 2010
Classic Borsch
challenging healthy meat Russian traditional soup vegetarian
A staple of East European kitchen, this bright beet soup is healthy, delicious, and worth every bit of trouble... If you know of Russian food, you've heard of Borsch. It is popular not only in Russia, but also in Ukraine - its motherland - and in a number of East European republics.
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