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Recipe Studio is an online family cookbook by a mom & daughter team. In this blog, you’ll find Russian recipes from old notebooks as well as modern culinary experiments. Step-by-step instructions for healthy soups, traditional pies, challenging cakes, quick dinners, and anything else worthy of our family’s recipe box. Happy cooking!

jan 05, 2016
Red Lentil Soup with Ginger
easy healthy quick soup vegetarian
After visiting a newly opened Indian store I was inspired by rows and rows of lentils they have for sale and endless spices where many of them were new to me.  It was incredible to learn and see in one place how many varieties of lentils exist. The quick lentil soup I usually make is not vegetarian (it contains a bouillon cube and bacon that makes it similar to pea soup ).
apr 24, 2015
Turnip Salad
easy quick salad
After Orthodox Easter gluttony with Kulichi and Paskha , my body is longing for something light and fresh, like this quick and simple turnip salad. It seems that turnips are ignored as food by many because I often find them wilting on store shelves. People seem to under appreciate  this milder alternative to more pungent red radishes that are the same  Cruciferae   plant family.
apr 12, 2012
Fresh Beet Smoothie
breakfast easy healthy quick
A perfect quick breakfast, it gives your day an energetic start. I used to make fresh beet salad once in a while, but real love to fresh beets came to me when I stumbled upon Mini Beet Protocol among many readings on natural healing methods. Taken regularly and persistently, fresh beets and beet juice can rid you of many ailments.
apr 06, 2012
Empty Apartment Sauce
easy quick travel
Tonight I cooked dinner for the first time in my blissfully empty Swiss kitchen. As the name of this post suggests, the kitchen is inside my new and almost entirely empty apartment, just about a 15 minute walk away from Zurich's local mountain Uetliberg. The apartment is empty, because I only brought a suitcase with me from New York, but in the suitcase I brought a loyal stainless steel pan!
mar 12, 2012
Carrot Omelet on Toasted Rye Roll
breakfast easy quick
Cooking breakfast on Sunday is a great pleasure, and eating it is an even greater pleasure, especially if you have a good company. You have some time to to mix and fry and fill the house with those homey aromas. Basic omelet made of quality eggs being my favorite, I also like to experiment and add things to it.
feb 27, 2012
Impromptu Dessert Minis
dessert easy quick
When you are not inclined to spend hours mixing, grating, and baking, but still crave a homemade dessert, this improvised creation could come handy. The Muse of Improvisation visited me and pushed some buttons of my imagination. I rushed to my fridge where I had a cup of leftover sweet crumbs, the rest was done on magical impulse.
feb 06, 2012
Red Lentil Soup
easy quick soup
Red lentil soup is one of the fastest soups to make! And it is good for you because lentil is one of the healthiest world foods. You come home tired and hungry, you certainly don't want to spend hours cooking, not even one hour, not even 45 minutes...
jan 06, 2012
Zesty Fried Shrimp
appetizer easy quick
Shrimp are a delight of a lazy cook, and this recipe is no exception. Spicy, zesty and quick, these shrimp call for second helpings. The recipe was born on our last night on Kauai, when we decided to be frugal and use up everything left over in the fridge.
aug 25, 2011
Red Radish Salad
easy quick Russian traditional salad
An advocate of minimalism in life, which unfortunately is possible mostly theoretically in our world of consumerism, I adore simple dishes that do not involve many ingredients. Some of those dishes come from my childhood in Russia, where minimalism was dictated by permanent deficit. Our memory carries on all our life impressions including food, and these simple things we experienced in early years are remembered as good.
aug 21, 2011
Black Currant Ice Cream
dessert easy quick
Just buy some simple vanilla ice-cream, and arrange it in a bowl with generous amount of currants and a splash of black currant liqueur (or jam mixed with brandy). Sit back and indulge in it! Notes: An even more simple way to eat black currants is to whip 1/2 cup sour cream with 1 tbsp sugar and mix it with berries.
aug 06, 2011
Beet Smoothie Soup
easy healthy quick soup vegetarian
This recipe has been brewing in my mind for awhile  - a smoothie and a cold soup in one. The best part - it is almost no-boil, where most of ingredients are fresh vegetables. And the best best part is - the proportions are quite arbitrary, just flow with your desires and you will be good.
jul 12, 2011
Lazy Ravioli with Cheese
easy quick
Well, something simple with minimum cooking. I happened to have a package of farmers cheese in the fridge, and something lazy came to mind. I have omitted the most time-consuming and boring part of making ravioli, that is making them per se.
jul 10, 2011
easy quick Russian traditional salad soup
Okroshka is a traditional cold Russian summer soup that doesn't need to be boiled. It is usually made on hot days when nobody wants to move, let alone cook something serious in the kitchen. This soup contains mostly raw vegetables, boiled eggs, and fermented drink kvas.
may 16, 2011
Fiddlehead Fern Salad
Asian easy healthy quick salad
This recipe is another experiment with fiddlehead fern salad. The first one was a complete fiasco. This time it was dashed off intuitively, with Asian cuisine in mind.
feb 26, 2011
Octopus's Garden Salad
easy healthy quick salad seafood
Today the sun is shining again in Brooklyn. My local wine store put out a sign: "Weather, make up your damn mind! " Indeed, yesterday was windy, menacing and wet, and today Beatles' "Octopus's Garden" comes to mind: We would be warm below the storm In our little hideaway beneath the waves Perhaps due to this association, I suddenly craved some octopus amid a green paradise of green cauliflower, canned peas, pickles, celery, parsley, capers and a few other things.
feb 21, 2011
Charlotte - Easy Apple Pie
baking dessert easy quick Russian traditional
This is a Russian favorite (pronounced Shar-lot-ka ), and also probably the easiest cake you will ever bake. It requires hardly any preparation and only the most basic ingredients. And yet...
jan 24, 2011
Cookie Cake
dessert easy quick
When shopping at my favorite Russian market, I glanced at a shelf with plain Russian cookies, cookies that I remember since my nursery school days. Indeed, there are some products that live decade after decade, and their popularity doesn't wither... Looking at these cookies, I remembered a simple recipe of a desert that I offer to your attention today.
sep 30, 2010
Quick Pickled Cucumbers
appetizer easy quick Russian traditional vegetarian
Am I not right?   Quick pickled cucumbers are one of my summer cravings. The smell of freshly pickled cucumbers reminds me of a Siberian village, with roosters diligently crowing at dawn, with cows mooing on their way to pasture, with kind babushkas and their endless hooked rugs.
sep 29, 2010
Classic Beets Salad
easy healthy quick Russian traditional salad vegetarian
Out of the Russian gastronomic stereotypes (apart from cabbage, which is also German, and vodka, which is really quite popular around the globe) beets is one of the most persistent. And yes, we are truly beet-eaters. Beets are a proud ingredient of many traditional Russian dishes.
sep 27, 2010
Cheater's Green Tea Ice Cream
Asian dessert easy international quick
Hence, for some of us lazy bums, this is a perfect way to create a custom flavor of any ice cream. The green tea ice cream is made with matcha green tea powder. The green tea leaves harvested for matcha are grown in the shade, and have a more intense green color and sweeter flavor than other green tea varieties.
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