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Recipe Studio is an online family cookbook by a mom & daughter team. In this blog, you’ll find Russian recipes from old notebooks as well as modern culinary experiments. Step-by-step instructions for healthy soups, traditional pies, challenging cakes, quick dinners, and anything else worthy of our family’s recipe box. Happy cooking!

dec 10, 2015
No-egg Dairy-free Dough for Pirozhki
baking breakfast main course mushrooms Russian traditional vegetarian
Wish me luck! But lack of favorite food makes one invent something new to please the palate and tame the constant hunger and cravings. Today's recipe is strictly vegetarian: there are no eggs or dairy in the dough and the fillings.
mar 10, 2013
Yogurt Souffle for Two
breakfast easy
Interests shifted, and while my love to food is still here, my cooking these days is an array of quick improvisations that mostly are not worth publishing, with a few exceptions. Today's recipe is one of these exceptions - just couldn't help sharing. As common as it is among chefs,  this yogurt souffle was a result of a failure.
apr 22, 2012
Baked Omelet (Drachona)
baking breakfast easy
The research shows that basic drachona is made of eggs, flour and milk, it is oven-baked. But there are also numerous variations when it is made with wheat or millet, potatoes and even cheese. When I found the recipe online and decided to cook, I forgot to separate eggs and my drachona, though deliciously puffy right out of the oven, quickly and disappointingly decreased in volume on our plates.
apr 12, 2012
Fresh Beet Smoothie
breakfast easy healthy quick
A perfect quick breakfast, it gives your day an energetic start. I used to make fresh beet salad once in a while, but real love to fresh beets came to me when I stumbled upon Mini Beet Protocol among many readings on natural healing methods. Taken regularly and persistently, fresh beets and beet juice can rid you of many ailments.
apr 06, 2012
Judas Buns for Easter
baking breakfast holiday international
In  Czech Republic  Judas Buns are served for  Easter  and, following the most popular legend, symbolize the rope on which Judas hang himself after he betrayed  Christ  (the traitor had some remnants of conscience in him after all). I have been thinking about baking these buns for a few years now. I used to make them long time ago when I incidentally acquired a Czech Cookbook in the biggest bookstore of the city of Novosibirsk, Siberia.
mar 29, 2012
Buttermilk Blini
appetizer baking breakfast Russian traditional
Loved by many as a common weekend breakfast, blini are also a ritual food in Russia. They symbolize sun and are the main food during Pancake Week (Maslenitsa) , a celebration of upcoming spring. They are also served during mercy meals and memorial dinners, where they also carry a symbolism: the connection between lower and upper worlds and eternity of life.
mar 20, 2012
Farmers Cheese Muffins
baking breakfast easy healthy
I used tvorog bought at a Russian market, but farmers cheese will also do. These two products are very similar in texture and taste. One just have to pay attention what farmers cheese it is: if it's salted no more salt is needed.
mar 12, 2012
Carrot Omelet on Toasted Rye Roll
breakfast easy quick
Cooking breakfast on Sunday is a great pleasure, and eating it is an even greater pleasure, especially if you have a good company. You have some time to to mix and fry and fill the house with those homey aromas. Basic omelet made of quality eggs being my favorite, I also like to experiment and add things to it.
aug 29, 2011
Open Fish Pie
appetizer baking breakfast fish main course Russian traditional
Since we had plenty of fabulous fish of different kinds ( pike , sturgeon , sterlet to name a few), mama made various fish dishes - ukha (fish soup), fish jelly, and certainly fish pies. The fish pie was the winner among all. After eagerly waiting as the wonderful aroma of the baking pie spread from the kitchen, - what joy it was to finally land at the table and indulge in this winter treat!
jun 15, 2011
Kolache - Czech Pastries
baking breakfast dessert international
Funny enough, we couldn't find kolache , one of traditional Czech pastries, in any Prague bakeries that were on our way. Maybe we just didn't know the right place... or maybe they became one of those things people make at home.
may 14, 2011
Quick Olady - Mini Buttermilk Pancakes
breakfast easy Russian traditional
Olady (pronounced [aladyi]) is one of many Russian traditional flour treats, usually served for breakfast. There are classic and simple olady. Classic are made with yeast, and simple are made with baking soda and buttermilk or sour cream.
apr 24, 2011
Happy Easter!
breakfast dessert holiday Russian traditional
May Peace, Love and Prosperity follow you at all times. I love Easter: winter with its snow aggravation is behind, the sun shines more, and people look happier. Today we had a lovely Easter branch with painted eggs, buns, and a variation of no-bake cheese cake Russian style that is traditionally prepared at Easter.
oct 24, 2010
Buttermilk Pancakes
Fry pancakes on one side until they are browned on one side and you see bubbles forming on the surface of pancakes, then carefully turn over, helping with a spade and a fork. Fry on the other side until nicely golden or browned. Each time before frying a new pair of pancakes, drizzle some more oil on the skillet.
aug 23, 2010
Squash Pancakes
appetizer breakfast main course vegetarian
I cooked squash pancakes at our friend's dacha (a small country hut) where we had a very romantic weekend. Since then Alex ate squash only in this form (now I can proudly add my recent  Zucchini with Wasabi Cream recipe to the list). The best squash for this recipe is less watery type, like Russian white squash that has light green peel and rather dense pulp.
jul 14, 2010
Trip to Maine - Three Pines B & B
breakfast mushrooms travel
Broccoli is certainly organic and eggs, oh eggs... Those eggs were not that crappy stuff one gets at regular grocery store, those eggs are real, with bright yellow yokes, loaded with vitamin D, eggs laid by real country chickens that nibble on fresh grass, eat insects and wander all day in the sun. As for mushrooms, we couldn't help but pick them in nearby forest the day before and asked Karen to incorporate them into our breakfast.
jul 06, 2010
Farmers Cheese Pancakes (Syrniki)
breakfast Russian traditional vegetarian
These delightful tender pancakes make a perfect summer breakfast, especially if one has fresh berries for garnish.   Syrniki ( syr means cheese in Russian) is a traditional Russian and Slavic dish made of tvorog. Tvorog (also quark, topfen , twarog , tvaroh ) is curd that is similar to cottage cheese and farmers cheese, but is thicker and drier, it is very well strained and whey is almost absent in it.