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Recipe Studio is an online family cookbook by a mom & daughter team. In this blog, you’ll find Russian recipes from old notebooks as well as modern culinary experiments. Step-by-step instructions for healthy soups, traditional pies, challenging cakes, quick dinners, and anything else worthy of our family’s recipe box. Happy cooking!

jul 10, 2018
Home-dried Bananas
dessert easy healthy
This snack came to life as a result of a nostalgic memory of dried bananas that were sold long ago back in Russia. It was made in China and was a popular addition to our not very plentiful diet. They used probably the smallest variety of bananas on Earth, and most likely dried them in the open air.
jan 05, 2016
Red Lentil Soup with Ginger
easy healthy quick soup vegetarian
After visiting a newly opened Indian store I was inspired by rows and rows of lentils they have for sale and endless spices where many of them were new to me.  It was incredible to learn and see in one place how many varieties of lentils exist. The quick lentil soup I usually make is not vegetarian (it contains a bouillon cube and bacon that makes it similar to pea soup ).
aug 18, 2012
Pink Summer Salad
with Gooseberries and Mozarella
healthy salad vegetarian
It's Saturday, it's summer and the sun is shining in Zurich. Because I live alone these days, I hardly ever cook anything interesting (except for parties, when things get too hectic to make pictures). When I do cook, my most favorite thing to cook for just myself is a salad.
may 10, 2012
Goat Soup with Dumplings
healthy meat soup
I didn't know what the goat meat tastes like until I made a refreshing Saturday morning trip to Blood Farm in West Groton, MA, and cooked the goat meat soup for the first time in my life. I was hoping to get fresh meat, but it was frozen, I should have asked to keep it fresh for me in advance. Who knew?
may 08, 2012
Health Nut's Raw Vegetable Relish
appetizer healthy
Consuming sinful Parisian pastries on my latest trip drew my mind to healthier things - fresh vegetables, spring herbs, vitamins, the stuff of life. Today's recipe is for an ultra healthy relish of carrots, tomatoes, peppers and rhubarb marinated cold in the juice of one whole lemon and a few other flavors. This spicy, zesty and crunchy concoction is chock full of vitamins that will ward off any lurking cold.
apr 12, 2012
Fresh Beet Smoothie
breakfast easy healthy quick
A perfect quick breakfast, it gives your day an energetic start. I used to make fresh beet salad once in a while, but real love to fresh beets came to me when I stumbled upon Mini Beet Protocol among many readings on natural healing methods. Taken regularly and persistently, fresh beets and beet juice can rid you of many ailments.
mar 26, 2012
Sour Spinach Soup
healthy soup
This spinach soup is a nostalgic effort to reproduce one of my favorite soups from the past times. When we bought a house in the US, I was full of dreams and plans about my own organic garden. I tried to grow many things, from greens  to strawberries, and once even cantaloupe (that was relentlessly eaten by some beasts before we had a chance to enjoy it ourselves).
mar 20, 2012
Farmers Cheese Muffins
baking breakfast easy healthy
I used tvorog bought at a Russian market, but farmers cheese will also do. These two products are very similar in texture and taste. One just have to pay attention what farmers cheese it is: if it's salted no more salt is needed.
dec 29, 2011
Tropical Lagoon Soup,
with Seaweed and Mung Beans
Asian healthy soup travel vegetarian
Grocery stores here bear a mark of Japanese influence: dried shiitake mushrooms, wakame seaweed and mung beans are an easy find. Mung beans are tiny dull green beans, almost as small as lentils. Japanese use them to make desserts, but to my mind a bean is a bean and belongs just as well in a soup.
aug 26, 2011
Shiitake and Lentil Pilaf
healthy main course mushrooms vegetarian
Today's recipe is a vegetarian pilaf as satisfying and rich in flavor as mom's Lamb Pilaf. Imagine the aroma of mushrooms and garlic, the rich taste of lentils and the nuttiness of wild rice punctuated by tiny nuggets of spice stored in the green peppercorns. You have to pay for this richness, though, by using every one of the four stovetop burners, because mushrooms, lentils, white rice and wild rice all have to be cooked separately (else, you'll get mush).
aug 06, 2011
Beet Smoothie Soup
easy healthy quick soup vegetarian
This recipe has been brewing in my mind for awhile  - a smoothie and a cold soup in one. The best part - it is almost no-boil, where most of ingredients are fresh vegetables. And the best best part is - the proportions are quite arbitrary, just flow with your desires and you will be good.
may 16, 2011
Fiddlehead Fern Salad
Asian easy healthy quick salad
This recipe is another experiment with fiddlehead fern salad. The first one was a complete fiasco. This time it was dashed off intuitively, with Asian cuisine in mind.
feb 26, 2011
Octopus's Garden Salad
easy healthy quick salad seafood
Today the sun is shining again in Brooklyn. My local wine store put out a sign: "Weather, make up your damn mind! " Indeed, yesterday was windy, menacing and wet, and today Beatles' "Octopus's Garden" comes to mind: We would be warm below the storm In our little hideaway beneath the waves Perhaps due to this association, I suddenly craved some octopus amid a green paradise of green cauliflower, canned peas, pickles, celery, parsley, capers and a few other things.
nov 11, 2010
Beef Liver Patties
appetizer healthy main course meat
As much as I liked pea soup, I hated liver in my early years. Oh God, I remember so vividly how I was sitting over my plate in desperation, unable to get this hateful piece of fried liver down. I was a rather sickly child, and mama  fed me with half-done liver for anemia.
nov 07, 2010
Rassolnik - Chicken Soup with Pickles
challenging chicken healthy meat Russian traditional soup
In practice, pickled cucumbers alone are sufficient to give the broth the tangy acidity and the peculiar flavor of pickles. When choosing pickles, brined cucumbers, kosher dill cucumbers, or any other pickled cucumbers not too high in acidity will work fine. Traditionally, this soup is made with chicken kidneys, but this requires quite a bit more patience on the part of the cook, and a lot less squeamishness on the part of the eater.
oct 04, 2010
Cauliflower with Slow-Cooked Garlic
easy healthy main course
A tiny bit later add the chopped garlic clove for extra garlic aroma. Saute until the cauliflowers are just touched by the gold (at least that's how I like them). Turn off the heat and add the slow-cooked garlic cloves to the cauliflower.
sep 29, 2010
Classic Beets Salad
easy healthy quick Russian traditional salad vegetarian
Out of the Russian gastronomic stereotypes (apart from cabbage, which is also German, and vodka, which is really quite popular around the globe) beets is one of the most persistent. And yes, we are truly beet-eaters. Beets are a proud ingredient of many traditional Russian dishes.
sep 21, 2010
Fish Rissoles
fish healthy main course
Following our rule to cook fish at least once a week, we decided on fish for Saturday. There was no particular recipe in mind, and, exhausted by endless repair work over dreadful garden shed, I almost ended up cooking something quick like baked fish fillets with mustard, garlic, and mayo, but suddenly I got extremely bored with this, and changed my mind at an impulse. I asked Alex if he would mind something like fish rissoles -  his eyes sparkled, and with warmth in his voice he told me how he loved his mother's fish rissoles at the time when he was young...
sep 20, 2010
Savory Zucchini Muffins
baking easy healthy vegetarian
To me however zucchinis and other squashes exist for mainly savory preparations, and combination of zucchini and vanilla make me feel dizzy. Sorry, Martha... OK, now, my zucchini muffins are savory - no sugar, less calories!
aug 28, 2010
Soup with Puff Klezki
healthy quick Russian traditional soup vegetarian
A soup with  klezki,  one of the simplest Russian dishes, must have been handy during the time of empty shelves in the Soviet supermarkets. I barely remember those times, they left in me no bitter sediment, and this soup has left me nothing but warmth. There are other variations on klezki, most notably the German  k ößchen,  but the klezki I know call for nothing but flour, eggs and the broth to make the soup with.
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