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Recipe Studio is an online family cookbook by a mom & daughter team. In this blog, you’ll find Russian recipes from old notebooks as well as modern culinary experiments. Step-by-step instructions for healthy soups, traditional pies, challenging cakes, quick dinners, and anything else worthy of our family’s recipe box. Happy cooking!

Recipe Studio is the work of a mother and daughter team. Originally we come from Novosibirsk, one of the largest cities in Siberia. Today Nadia (the mom) lives in suburban Massachusetts, and Masha (the daughter) lives in New York City. After staying in different cities for some time, we realized that sharing recipes over cell phone conversations just did not cut it. That’s how Recipe Studio was born.
Two casual yet inspired chefs, we come here to share our craft, tricks and inspiration with each other, and anyone else who cares to listen. The cutting board is our palette, the kitchen - our studio, where we create the quick and the decadent, healthy and sinful eats. Cooking for us is a rite to make and re-make anew the elusive smells and tastes that make home homelike, and life delicious. Our recipes are inspired by the contents of the fridge, by chefs like Jacques Pepin and Julia Child, by the weather, by childhood reminiscences, by traditional Russian foods, and by our busy schedules.
As we slice and mince, stew and fry, knead and whip, we create a connection to the generations that stretch behind us to a line of bakers in the pre-revolutionary Russia. We also create a connection to each other. After all, cooking is not only art, but also family. We welcome you to ours!
Just for fun, here's the original recipe for Layered Mini-cakes "Isabella" from Nadia's recipe notebook. You would probably agree with Masha that instructions and a few pictures help a lot.