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Recipe Studio is an online family cookbook by a mom & daughter team. In this blog, you’ll find Russian recipes from old notebooks as well as modern culinary experiments. Step-by-step instructions for healthy soups, traditional pies, challenging cakes, quick dinners, and anything else worthy of our family’s recipe box. Happy cooking!

aug 18, 2012
Pink Summer Salad
with Gooseberries and Mozarella
healthy salad vegetarian
It's Saturday, it's summer and the sun is shining in Zurich. Because I live alone these days, I hardly ever cook anything interesting (except for parties, when things get too hectic to make pictures). When I do cook, my most favorite thing to cook for just myself is a salad.
aug 25, 2011
Red Radish Salad
easy quick Russian traditional salad
An advocate of minimalism in life, which unfortunately is possible mostly theoretically in our world of consumerism, I adore simple dishes that do not involve many ingredients. Some of those dishes come from my childhood in Russia, where minimalism was dictated by permanent deficit. Our memory carries on all our life impressions including food, and these simple things we experienced in early years are remembered as good.
aug 21, 2011
Black Currant Ice Cream
dessert easy quick
Just buy some simple vanilla ice-cream, and arrange it in a bowl with generous amount of currants and a splash of black currant liqueur (or jam mixed with brandy). Sit back and indulge in it! Notes: An even more simple way to eat black currants is to whip 1/2 cup sour cream with 1 tbsp sugar and mix it with berries.
aug 06, 2011
Beet Smoothie Soup
easy healthy quick soup vegetarian
This recipe has been brewing in my mind for awhile  - a smoothie and a cold soup in one. The best part - it is almost no-boil, where most of ingredients are fresh vegetables. And the best best part is - the proportions are quite arbitrary, just flow with your desires and you will be good.
jul 24, 2011
Ah... Sangria
alcohol easy international vegetarian
so, I give up and make sangria. There are as many recipes for sangria as there are women in Spain. There is no proper, authentic sangria.
jul 10, 2011
easy quick Russian traditional salad soup
Okroshka is a traditional cold Russian summer soup that doesn't need to be boiled. It is usually made on hot days when nobody wants to move, let alone cook something serious in the kitchen. This soup contains mostly raw vegetables, boiled eggs, and fermented drink kvas.
sep 30, 2010
Quick Pickled Cucumbers
appetizer easy quick Russian traditional vegetarian
Am I not right?   Quick pickled cucumbers are one of my summer cravings. The smell of freshly pickled cucumbers reminds me of a Siberian village, with roosters diligently crowing at dawn, with cows mooing on their way to pasture, with kind babushkas and their endless hooked rugs.
sep 20, 2010
Savory Zucchini Muffins
baking easy healthy vegetarian
To me however zucchinis and other squashes exist for mainly savory preparations, and combination of zucchini and vanilla make me feel dizzy. Sorry, Martha... OK, now, my zucchini muffins are savory - no sugar, less calories!
sep 11, 2010
Red Shchi
Russian traditional soup
She cooked with her own special attitude, appreciating good quality products and enjoying the process of cooking with them. She just loved to cook this red shchi in summer when there were plenty of ripe fresh tomatoes. Actually, at that time in Siberia this soup was possible only in summer because fresh tomatoes were available only then.
aug 25, 2010
What Is This?..
easy healthy quick vegetarian
That was a variety that was pink inside and out. Fresh young potatoes are so delicious that could make a perfect dish alone (with chopped greens, onions and butter), so I happilly hurried home and made boiled potatoes with garlic butter (actually the farmer himself recommended this) and steamed fish (please refer to my recipe Fish "On a Pillow" ). There is actually no recipe to this post (everybody can boil potatoes, right?
jun 14, 2010
Wild Strawberries Thrill
dessert easy quick
The aroma of this kind of berries is unique, delicate and so ravishing that garden strawberries are not even close to it. Once and again my senses evoked memories of my childhood summers in a Siberian village where we used to pick wild strawberries in a cool pine forest. Then in the heat of summer afternoon we had a bowl of sun-pampered berries with a glass of cellar-chilled raw milk.
jun 08, 2010
Summer Eggplant and Tomato "Sandwich"
appetizer easy quick vegetarian
Summer is around, and with everything blooming, growing and producing, one  longs for something right from the garden.   Eggplant is one of these fruit of agricultural  labour that is particularly good during summer time. Winter eggplant that is grown and forced to produce fruit artificially, has a bitter taste and requires special handling, hence more time for preparation.