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What do you think you are seeing? Raw pork? No. Pink peach wedges? No! Unripe watermelon? No!!

If somebody showed it to me some time ago and said it's potatoes, I wouldn't believe it. But the truth is it is potatoes. Freshly dug out and almost young potatoes was my last weekend happy find at one of the nearby farms. That was a variety that was pink inside and out.

Fresh young potatoes are so delicious that could make a perfect dish alone (with chopped greens, onions and butter), so I happilly hurried home and made boiled potatoes with garlic butter (actually the farmer himself recommended this) and steamed fish (please refer to my recipe Fish "On a Pillow" ).
There is actually no recipe to this post (everybody can boil potatoes, right?), I just wanted to share yet another unexpected food experience. If you are very lucky you can get real young potatoes at a farm, or buy some exotic variety at a grocery store, like purlpe potatoes or small potatoes that are called young (but unfortunately not freshly dug). Real young potatoes do not need peeling: while you wash them the most tender peel washes off - this is the ideal situation. My pink potatoes were not too young (the peel was firm already), but were just dug out. To get a perfect young potatos one probably has to dig them himself early in the season, rush home, and imediately start cooking. In our everyday life we are tragically far from ideal way of things. So use what you can get.
Melt butter on very low heat and stew minced garlic in it for about 10 minutes. I wouldn't call it stewing - warming is a better word. When boiling potatoes are soft to the fork, drain water, arrange them on a plate, pour garlic butter over, and sprinkle with coarse salt and dill, and other greens if you wish. M-m-m-m-m.... Dear reader, you will not regret you were born to this world, with all its fleshly pleasures.
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Summary: a easy recipe
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