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Recipe Studio is an online family cookbook by a mom & daughter team. In this blog, you’ll find Russian recipes from old notebooks as well as modern culinary experiments. Step-by-step instructions for healthy soups, traditional pies, challenging cakes, quick dinners, and anything else worthy of our family’s recipe box. Happy cooking!

may 08, 2012
Health Nut's Raw Vegetable Relish
appetizer healthy
Consuming sinful Parisian pastries on my latest trip drew my mind to healthier things - fresh vegetables, spring herbs, vitamins, the stuff of life. Today's recipe is for an ultra healthy relish of carrots, tomatoes, peppers and rhubarb marinated cold in the juice of one whole lemon and a few other flavors. This spicy, zesty and crunchy concoction is chock full of vitamins that will ward off any lurking cold.
apr 12, 2012
Fresh Beet Smoothie
breakfast easy healthy quick
A perfect quick breakfast, it gives your day an energetic start. I used to make fresh beet salad once in a while, but real love to fresh beets came to me when I stumbled upon Mini Beet Protocol among many readings on natural healing methods. Taken regularly and persistently, fresh beets and beet juice can rid you of many ailments.
apr 03, 2012
Carrot Relish
appetizer vegetarian
There are people who don't like cooked carrots, my beloved husband included. But even he absolutely loves this carrot relish. He loves it so much that he always offers his muscle power to grate carrots which I hate to do myself, just to convince me to cook it.
mar 17, 2012
Boiled Corned Beef & Veggies
easy international main course soup
Not that I have Irish ancestors to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day , but I really like this  corned beef & veggies soup.  It is simple and rustic, but very aromatic and filling. It does take a lot of time to boil meat, but if you cook  in two stages, it's really not that bad.