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Recipe Studio is an online family cookbook by a mom & daughter team. In this blog, you’ll find Russian recipes from old notebooks as well as modern culinary experiments. Step-by-step instructions for healthy soups, traditional pies, challenging cakes, quick dinners, and anything else worthy of our family’s recipe box. Happy cooking!

apr 06, 2012
Empty Apartment Sauce
easy quick travel
Tonight I cooked dinner for the first time in my blissfully empty Swiss kitchen. As the name of this post suggests, the kitchen is inside my new and almost entirely empty apartment, just about a 15 minute walk away from Zurich's local mountain Uetliberg. The apartment is empty, because I only brought a suitcase with me from New York, but in the suitcase I brought a loyal stainless steel pan!
mar 17, 2012
Boiled Corned Beef & Veggies
easy international main course soup
Not that I have Irish ancestors to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day , but I really like this  corned beef & veggies soup.  It is simple and rustic, but very aromatic and filling. It does take a lot of time to boil meat, but if you cook  in two stages, it's really not that bad.
may 04, 2011
Korean-Style Steak
Asian easy international main course meat
The idea for this recipe - a steak with a marinade that includes pureed fruit - comes from my boss, who has spent some years in Japan and is more in tune with Asian olfactory sensibilities than me. Pureed fruits are traditionally used in Korean marinades and for good reasons. They add the characteristic tinge of sweetness to the meat, and the acidity present in some fruit can help tenderize the meat.
feb 23, 2011
Solyanka - Meat Soup with Pickles
meat Russian traditional soup
Salt to taste Pepper to taste (any kind) 1 bay leaf Slices of lemon & black olives to garnish Chopped greens (dill, parsley, green onions) Method: Make a nice beef broth (use this recipe of the beef broth, for example ). Fish out and discard vegetables. Take out meat, remove all bones, cut meat in small pieces, and put back to the broth along with other meats.
nov 17, 2010
Kholodets - Meat Jelly
appetizer chicken meat Russian traditional
You can make a chicken meat jelly, if you boil a good whole chicken for a few hours. It is very tasty, too, but I prefer a combination of meats. The boiled meat pieces could be minced.
oct 26, 2010
Ox Tail Stew
main course
Until recently I eluded cooking ox tail stew, I thought beef tails were best for meat jelly ( kholodets ), one very popular Russian dish. Besides, the idea of eating  t-a-i-l-s  just didn't appeal to me. Boy was I wrong.
oct 03, 2010
Beef and Mushrooms Stew
main course meat mushrooms
They had mushroom noodle soup to die for, mouth watering beef stew in pottery pots, they also had beef in porcini sauce. The latter was my inspiration for today's recipe. What you need: 2 lb lean beef cut in thin 1"x2"slices Filtered water Mushrooms (2 big Portobello or 6 stuffing mushrooms), julienned or diced 1 big yellow onion, diced 2 tbsp butter 1 clove garlic, minced Salt Ground black pepper 2 tbsp sour cream 3 tsp flour in 1/2 cup water Method: Barely cover meat with water, put on high heat, and bring to boil.
aug 29, 2010
Beef Stroganoff
main course meat Russian traditional
Bœuf Stroganoff (Beef Stroganoff, or just Befstroganov) is one of Russian traditional and loved meat dishes. I remember my mother's kitchen and wonderful aroma of cooking meat, and sauce, and fried potatoes. It was an all-time favourite and never failed to be well prepared.
aug 16, 2010
international main course meat
Goulash as I knew it back in Russia was a pretty simple dish cooked of beef with onions and tomato and usually served with pasta.  There was a meat dish in Russian diners that also carried a proud name goulash, but was very far from its original  Hungarian recipe.  There are two forms of goulash: one is a  soup and another a vegetable stew with sweet peppers and paprika.
aug 16, 2010
Classic Borsch
challenging healthy meat Russian traditional soup vegetarian
A staple of East European kitchen, this bright beet soup is healthy, delicious, and worth every bit of trouble... If you know of Russian food, you've heard of Borsch. It is popular not only in Russia, but also in Ukraine - its motherland - and in a number of East European republics.
jul 11, 2010
Beef Bourguignon - My Variation
challenging international main course meat mushrooms
One of the prized dishes introduced to Americans by Julia Child, this rich beef stew is a French country classic. To this I add that my French co-worker referred to it contemptuously as "food for the old people", claiming that it's been cooked for so long to make the ingredients soft for the toothless that one can hardly taste a thing. This is of course far from truth, but one is always tempted to quote one frenchman's haughty opinions about food.
jun 21, 2010
Classic Russian Cotletas (Cotelettes)
main course meat Russian traditional
 It came to Russia from Europe and initially was a deep-fried slice of meat with rib bone, but later became a ground and spiced  meat patty, coated with bread crumbs and pan-fried.  Since the 19th century it was so popular that even Alexander Pushkin, the genius of Russian poetry, mentioned cotletas in his immortal poem Eugene Onegin, in a description of a ball feast. Cotletas are traditionally made of 3:1 ground beef and pork (very often fatty pork), but there are many variations of meat that are equally or even more successful.