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When you are not inclined to spend hours mixing, grating, and baking, but still crave a homemade dessert, this improvised creation could come handy. The Muse of Improvisation visited me and pushed some buttons of my imagination. I rushed to my fridge where I had a cup of leftover sweet crumbs, the rest was done on magical impulse. The result pleasantly surprised both me and my other half: simple yet elegant, these minis pampered our palates with their nutty sweet decadent pith.

What you need:
5-6 Tbsp ground or crushed cookies (like shortcake)
3 Tbsp finely ground pecans or walnuts
30 g (1/3 stick)butter, whipped
3-4 tsp sweetened condensed milk
Confectioners sugar for dusting
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Yields 9 small cakes

Mix together 3 Tbsp ground cookies and 3 Tbsp nuts.
In a small bowl whip your butter and gradually mix in condensed milk until even and creamy. Condensed milk should be at room temperature to avoid flaking of the cream.
Mix everything together to get a rather thick mass.
Form small balls (1 tsp of mass per each), roll them in the remaining ground cookies.
Place cookies on a nice dish, dust with confectioners sugar, chill, and serve.

Unexpectedly delicate, and very convenient to handle candy-like dessert!
Tags:    dessert easy nuts quick
Summary: a easy dessert recipe
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